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"Buster" adopted 5-19-09 by Troy & Jen & Wingnut.
Buster gave us some pretty babies...I have 2 of his girls...Punkin & Cinnamon....I was his 2nd
owner. He & Sassy came to us at age 2 from Washington State all the way across the U.S.
8-8-09 "Just wanted to let you know that Buster is doing wonderful! I couldn't ask for a
greater playmate for Wingy!" I thought you would like an updated picture of him. We have
moved into a new house and the dogs couldn't be more excited! As dogs go we have
adopted another part of the family he is a 1 1/2 year old Weimaraner named Ruger. He is so
nice with the other two small dogs ( Wingnut & Buster). As for Buster goes, he just loves
watching tv, I have never seen a dog watch tv but Buster loves it! He also loves sunbathing
when we are out on the deck, and they occasional chew bone, he also loves those days
when we are off work to just lay around and do nothing!, but then again what dog doesn't?
Well that is about it for us, anything else we will let you know! God Bless,
Troy, Jen Wingnut, and Ruger.
"Jewels" adopted 11-4-08 by
Denise & Raymond & family.
I adopted Jewels as an older girl.
She had one litter for mre.
"Megan" adopted 11-26-08
by the Nace Family.
Megan came to me from Florida
along with her daughter Abbagayle.

Family picture is at
the bottom of our
"About Us" Page.

Family picture is at
bottom of our
"About Us" Page.
"Buster" is a Beautiful Boy...nice hair
coat & tail fan. Could not of asked for a
nicer personality!  He was always  happy
go lucky and nothing bothered him. He
gave us some very pretty puppies.
"Wildfire" adopted 2-9-10
to Fawn Hills Kennel in Fawn Grove, PAwhere he will
be breeding  before retiring. I have two of his girls:
Rosie & Penny. Hoping they will produce some show
prospective pups and super pet companions.
Rosco Has Been Adopted on 3-7-10 by A Loving
FamilyJr, Tressa, and their dog Max.
Max needed a buddy and he and
Rosco hit it off pretty well.
"Chloe" was adopted by a loving family Milton &
Myrna Garnes on 9-13-08
We miss Chloe alot...she has a grand daughter
we kept back that looks just like her. Her name is
Ginger and she will always be a reminder of Chloe.
Adopted 1-6-11 by Jeannie & Steve in Bedford, PA.
Steve & Jeannie got a puppy from us a couple of years ago
from Honey Bear & Jesse. Sugar has 2 playmates and she is
doing super. Sugar gave us some beautiful litters. We have
one of her girls...Pearl...We will miss her but we are happy
she has a forever home. Thanks so much.
Sassy is a beautiful girl. She came along way to us. We miss
her but know she is happy with her forever family. She gave
us some pretty puppies. Adopted 8-18-10
Shelly has been retired from breeding and adopted by a
wonderful family. She gave us 2 beautiful litters. Shelly has a
small pelvic bone and it was very difficult for her to birth
naturally and I did not want to put her through that again. I
kept back a girl from her, Hannah. Shelly has a 4 legged
playmate &  is doing wonderful. Many Thanks to the Leroy &
Faith in Chambersburg, PA  9-24-10
Abbagayle  gave us one beautiful litter of pups to Wildfire.
She had a small pelvis and had a hard time getting them out
so I chose not to breed her again and had her spayed.
Abby is a red smooth at 9 1/2 lbs.
Sweet & calm natured....More the temperament of long
haired dachshund. Adopted by the Thompson Family in
Chambersburg, PA
Jazzy was sold to the Torry Family in
Chambersburg, PA. Thanks so much
for giving her a nice home. Jazzy had
one litter of puppies and was spayed.
Jazzy is the most beautiful Brindle I
have ever seen with her black overlay.
Madison was just one year old and we decided to
place her due to her being even smaller than her
mother..."Fancy". Madison was 7 lb. 3 oz. at 1 year
old. Thanks to the Cryne Family in Jamison, PA
for giving her a loving home.
Whoopie is loving the attention of her
new best friend...Thanks Carol of Port
Royal, PA. We adopted Whoopie at
age 2 pregnant and in dire need of a
better home environment. She had 3
litters of puppies. We have one of her
girls...Zeva. We Will Miss YOU !
Pepper was adopted by a loving family with 2 other dogs
and a cat. One being a dachshund. Pepper grew up here
as a puppy and gave us 2 beautiful litters. Unfortunately
she had a c-section on her 2nd litter so her breeding time
was cut short. Thank you Doris in Carlisle, PA for giving
Pepper a lovely home. We will miss her.
Brindy was adopted by Linda in Greensburg, PA for a lap companion.
Brindy had one litter of puppies with us and had an unexpected c-section so
we had her spayed also at the same time.
We are happy that Brindy will bring joy and company to Linda.
"FANCY PANTS" Born: 5-29-08  3 years old. 8 1/2 lbs.
Fancy had 2 beautiful litters with us. She was retired from
breeding and will make a wonderful companion and lap sitter.
She is a calm natured girl but likes to run and play. Likes men,
women and children and adapts well to new situations.
She had some nice champion lines behind her. Thanks Susan
in Morrisville, PA for adopting Fancy to her forever home.
This is Penny. A Red Smooth around 11 1/2 lbs.
She had a c-section on her 1st litter and was spayed.
She was adopted by Donna in New York for her forever
in November. She was a good mom, and such a
Adopted by Tim & Dorthy in New Jersey. Jesse will
have a playmate from a previous puppy they got from
 Jesse is near and dear to our hearts. He is an
affectionate boy and gave us 10 beautiful litters.
We have a couple of Jesse's girls to continue his nice
lines, and one of his boys showing very nice
conformation. Thanks So Much & Enjoy!
This is our Coco who had 4 beautiful litters. She is
retired and spayed. She was adoped by Jenny in New
Jersey getting lots of love and attention. Coco was our
couch potato and a real affectionate girl! We will dearly
miss her but knowing she has a nice family and some
fur friends for company we know that she is happy and
bring joy to her adoptive family. Thanks so much for
giving Coco a nice home!
The photo file of
Jenny & Coco is
missing from my
computer so we
will try to get
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"Dumplin" 10 lbs.  5 yrs old.
Black & Tan Dapple Smooth
Dumplin gave us a couple of
Thank you Pam & Anthony.
Cole was adopted by the Koerner Family.
Thanks Sophia.
Cole will have a couple of dog friends.

Cole has given us some adorable puppies and
I kept a boy from him and Foxy for future black
smooths....See "Frankie"
Sierra is retired and adopted by
Barbara & Alice. Thanks Ladies for
giving Sierra a wonderful home.

Sierra has a doxie friend named
Cassie. Sierra has given us some
beautiful puppies. I have kept some
her puppies to continue her nice