Older Dogs Page 2   My Web Site is out of space and pages. I havn't had
time to build a new web site with more space. My recently adopted older dogs will have to be featured
on another page in my site.
We sometimes have older dogs to place in pet homes. While we continue breeding this wonderful breed of
purebred "Dachshunds" we are always striving to improve the lines and temperaments and conformation
of the AKC Registered Dachshunds.
As we keep new puppies it is impossible for us to keep ALL of our adults. We DO love them dearly but we
find comfort in knowing they will bring joy to you as they did for us and that they will have more one on one
time with you as their adoptive family. It is hard to see them go but we must if we continue breeding.
It is also a great choice for those who can't or don't have the time to train a new puppy. All dachshunds are
different in their own way just like people and so an older dog will already have habits unique to them....so
that being said we are truthful in listing their habits and behavior's so they can find the "right" home for
them & the right dog for you!
Cody, Shaded English Cream Long Hair. Cody gave us
8 beautiful litters.  He is a bigger boy in the tweenie
range at 13lbs.
We prefer our males to be in the mini range 9-11 lbs. We
were blessed to get Gabriel from Judah & Carley so we
will still be able to have Chocolate & Cream pups and
English Cream pups. We have 2 daughters from Cody;
Mocha & Gracie. Cody is gentle and has a calm
disposition. He walks good on a leash and visited
the Residents at the Retirement Home next door to
where we live.
Destiny; Shaded English
Cream Long hair adopted
2-18-12 by Norma in
Rockville, MD. Destiny
gave us 4 beautiful litters!
We have one of her girls;
"Gracie" to continue her
nice lines. Thanks Norma.
Savannah adopted by Lesa & Son in Greencastle,
PA. They have one of her babies and another pup
from a different litter so she will not be without
doxie company. Savannah was raised here as a
baby. She gave us 4 beautiful litters. We love her
dearly and will miss her very much. Many thanks for
giving Savannah a loving home and caring for her
as much as we do.
Chelsea adopted 6-21-12.
Thanks to John & Linda in
Everett, PA.
Chelsea is a wonderful
loving girl with lots of love
and kisses to give.
She gave us 2 pretty litters!
"Cinnamon" has been adopted by Darla & Rodney in
Mercersburg, PA. Cinnamon had 2 gorgeous litters for
us. She never cycled right after that to have any future
litters so we decided she would be happy to be a forever
home pet. She is a happy girl and her tail never stops
wagging! We love her dearly & will be missed. Thanks
for giving her  a nice home, I know she will be dearly
loved by you.She has a playmate doxie girl "Molly" a
past Lovable Doxie puppy from Judah & Sugar.
"Emmy" has been adopted by Sandra in PA.
She gave us 3 beautiful litters. Emmy has a solid
chocolate smooth girl friend to buddy around with.
Thanks so much Sandra for giving her a wonderful
forever home! I know she is in good hands and she will
be missed dearly. My hubby calls her BIG E...I call her
Emmy M.
Judah: 8.9 lbs. EE Cream Long Hair Male.
5 years old. Judah was raised by us from 8 weeks old.
He gave us 20 beautiful litters. I have kept several of his
girls and a son "Gabriel" He is loving and gentle. We will
miss you. Will make wonderful lap companion.
"Carley was adopted by a wonderful family. She
gave us 3 beautiful litters in which we kept a pup
from each one. She gave us Mocha, Gabriel, & Sugar.
We decided not to let her have a 4th litter since she
came very close to getting c-sections the last 2
OF JOY. Thanks so much Cindy & Frank  in PA.
Winnie was adopted by Emma in
Windsor, PA Winnie has given us 3 beautiful
litters. They were big litters of 7 pups, 9 pups
and 9 pups. She has done her share of
puppies. We have 3 of her pretty daughters.
Delilah & Dutchess who are Judah's girls and
Tiffany who is Doc's girl.
Levi was adopted to the Sisler
family in Oakland, MD. We sure
miss you too little guy! Levi was
suppose to be breeding for us
but he was shy with the ladies so
he is sitting on lap and has a
doxie buddy to play with.
Thank you Loni & Family. Manheim, PA  I know Rosie is well loved
and we miss her !
Rosie has doxie friends and soon a puppy friend, Sierra & Doc's
Peppy Boy. Rosie went home to get adjusted a week before Peppy
aka Duncan gets to come home....Love you Rosie!
Thank you Patricia in Chambersburg, PA for giving Ebony a
lifetime home. Ebony gave us two beautiful litters. Had an
unexpected C-Section with 2nd litter. Ebony likes other
dogs, is submissive and gentle temperament.  Ebony is a
very nice girl, likes men or women, always had a wagging
tail.....we will miss her!  She will keep your lap warm and be
in it whenever you sit. We still have 2 of her sisters for future
pups.  Kiss & Hug her daily for us!!!
LEXUS, BLACK & TAN SMOOTH 8 1/2 LBS.  4 1/2 years old
Lexus is a "Professional Lap Sitter". She likes to just sit...she
will go on a walk though on a harness.  Likes other dogs and friendly.
Not an alpha girl. Lexus never seemed interested in breeding. She did get
pregnant once and gave birth to one puppy and she died shortly
afterwards. She had a c-section for her one puppy. We feel a pet home is
in her best interest. We miss her lots and bet her sister Mercedes does to.
Lexus is pictured to the left and she is such
a cute, short legged girl. She always like to
burrow in your lap and just sit and be
center attention of your heart. !! Being of
such good temperament and champion
sired, we are sad she couldn't give us pups.
Zeva; Beautiful Black & Cream Long Hair adopted by
Marianne in PA. Thanks so much and was nice to meet
you. She will bring you lots of love and company. She is a
lovely girl. Zeva gave us only 1 litter or puppies and never
bred again.
Tootsie, adopted at age 4 1/2 by Meghan in Greencastle, PA.
She is a chocolate & tan smooth girl around 9 1/2 lbs. She is Honey Bear &
Jesse girl we raised as a puppy. I was never able to get her interested in
breeding, had nothing to do with those boys!
We still have her mommy, Honey Bear who is retired.  Tootsie has a doxie
playmate, Baxter who is a Bella puppy. And she has a big dog playmate, a
Bulldog as well. Thanks Meghan. We will miss her and appreciate those
pictures every now & then.!
Peaches went to Bermuda!  Peaches gave us one litter of pups.
She has been spayed, & teeth cleaned. Thanks Cindy